Fully Customizable Solutions

Look no further than NAE for your wholesale meat needs.

Organizations, large and small, depend us to provide the best in meat and service.  Our skilled butchers cut all products to custom specifications, saving businesses and institutions like yours thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Please contact us to set up a wholesale account to start saving today!

The NAE wholesale difference

  • Native American Enterprises offers a wide variety of fresh and frozen food products.  
  • Utilizing our close connections to a wide range of other food service providers, NAE can provide fully customizable and holistic solutions for all your wholesale needs.
  • Our strengths in the wholesale market include Kettle Cooking, Boil-In-Bag products, Ground Beef, Beef Steaks, Pork Steaks, and Chicken.
  • Our ability to offer a wide variety of products in bulk provides our customers a great opportunity to save money on prepared meals.