About Us

Humble Beginnings

From simple family recipe to Native American small business success story

In 1930, Herb Fallis began selling taco and chili seasonings based on an old family recipe. Years later, he supported his sons William and Lester McGreevy when they developed a specialty meats processing company that sold its products to Wichita area grocery stores and butcher shops.

Nearly a century later his great grandsons run what is now a USDA certified value-added meat processor that feeds an estimated 20 million people a year.


People fed this year!

Our mission is to inspire our team with the passion to provide the highest food safety and quality, that will enrich mind, body, and spirit.


Adhere to specifications to provide the best and most consistent product we are capable of producing, while always keeping in mind what we can do to improve.


Adhere to a code of ethics that ensure all products produced will positively impact our partners, and teammates work environment is well suited for optimal efficiency.

Customer Service

Consistently listen and communicate to our teammates, partners and vendors to provide their desires.

Community Service

Positively impact our teammates, partners, local and global community through integration, creativity and giving back.

Self Motivation

Taking on the responsibility of going above and beyond and constantly striving for improvement with-in the business and our lives


Treat one another with respect, listen openly, continuously encourage each other to grow, share ideas, and always be willing to help one another.